Training Program


The philosophy of "Right Way" is that the Word of God is the only true method to transform lives, renew the mind, prove the will of God, provide wisdom, and bring peace to a troubled world or soul. Individuals trained in the Word
will be disciples of Christ and will be active in sharing their faith.

Teaching Techniques
Sharing Your Faith
Biblical Management
Biblical Leadership
Financial Management
How to Study the Word
Discovering God's Will
Victorious Praying
Financial Stewardship
Growing with Hurts and Disappointments
Single's Workshop (Serving Alone with Joy)
Steps to Spiritual Maturity
Developing Commitment
Necessities of Ministry
How to Bring God's Vision into Reality
Biblical Instructions:
Book Studies
Topical Studies
Practical Christian Living
Spiritual Warfare

Teaching courses can be developed to meet needs and specified time frames. The staff will develop or use existing teaching/training materials to encourage Christian growth; provide direction in coping with and resolving problems in every day life, provide steps to uncover God's will for your life, and resolving conflict in ministries.

"Right Way" may conduct training in its own center; conduct training at the location identified by the requesting church or Christian group; and/or travel to distant locations in response to requested training.

Speakers, instructors, and preachers can be provided by "Right Way" when requested to meet the needs of churches and/or Christian groups.
We train leaders by following God's Word. [more]