Unchanging Trust for Changing Lives
    Sharing the Word of God with the world one ministry at a time.  As individuals understand the Word and God, they become aware of His Will, His principles, and His purpose for their lives.  God continues to open doors.  We are open for more opportunities to share the Word.  You can join our outreach team by inviting us to minister to your fellowship.

2014 Ministry Schedule
January 18 – SpotLight Radio – Dr. Cyrus sharing about Right Way Ministries, International

February 19 – International Gospel Centre – Canada
                                    Teaching "The Power of the Word"
March 8-9 – Leonardtown Church of the Nazarene – Maryland
            Workshops:  AM  "Spiritual Warfare:  Why the Intense Battle"
                                PM  "The Power of the Word"
            Sunday Preaching – "Faith to Slay Giants"
May 10 – Grace Pointe Community COTN – Maryland
            Ladies' Tea speaking engagement – "God’s Unique Woman"
June 1 – Grace Church of the Nazarene – Maryland
            Workshop:  "The Power of the Word"
July 19-20 – Grace Pointe Community COTN – Maryland
            Workshop:  "Spiritual Warfare" Conference
            Sunday Preaching:  AM  "Stop the Hold-Ups"
                                         PM   "God’s Vision for Believers"
September 27 – Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Nazarene's Leadership Advance
            Workshop: "Prayers that Touch the Heart of God"
October 8-16 Mali, West Africa
            Retreat for Missionaries
            Preaching/teaching at various churches
November 23 – Grace Point Community COTN – Maryland
            Preaching:  A Call to Thanksgiving & Worship

We do not charge for our ministry.  We are open to love offerings because so many churches are small and are unable to afford speakers and teachers to bring special and needed training to their congregation.  Our desire is to help the body of Christ around the world.
The administrative work behind the scenes requires paid staff.  This is an ongoing expense.  Would you consider joining hands with us in ministry by giving a tax exception gift?  These gifts are recorded in eternity.