“Global Gospel Outreach”
“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”  Matthew 28:18-19 NKJV
God opened many doors of service this year and every month there were opportunities for ministry. We charge no fees for our services and allow churches to give what they are able. Our expenses for Mali were all covered: To God be the glory! Yet, there were some unexpected expenses. We would love to go into 2016 with no bills. Would you consider giving a gift to “Right Way” Ministries, International to help with debt reduction?

Ministry in America
Dr. Estelle Cyrus was called in January by Spotlight Radio for an interview about “Right Way” Ministries.  She was able to share about its outreach and ministry to make disciples by teaching the word and conducting workshops.
Leonardtown Church of the Nazarene
In March, Dr. Cyrus conducted two workshops: “Spiritual Warfare” and “The Power of God’s Word.”  On Sunday she preached “Faith that Slays a Giant.” It was a positive response to the Word. Leonardtown 2.jpg
Grace Pointe Community Church
This is Estelle’s home church and she is thankful that Dr. Phillip Bolerjack gives her the opportunity to serve.
In May, Estelle spoke on “The Blessings of Hospitality” at the Women’s Breakfast. On Sunday for Women’s Day, she spoke on “God’s Remarkable Mothers.”
In July, the “Right Way” Team conducted a Spiritual Warfare Conference. Our instructors were Dr. Estelle Cyrus, husband Dereck Cyrus, Mr. Frank Gross, Min. Mary Boddie, and Ralph Jackson. They received great evaluations.
On Sunday, Dr. Cyrus delivered two messages. The morning message was “When Facts Conflict with Truth” and the evening message was “The Dynamics of Faith.”
In November, Dr. Cyrus preached on “Delayed Thanksgiving” in the morning and the evening message was “Glorify God with Thanksgiving.”

Grace Church of the Nazarene
In June, the “Right Way” Team conducted a workshop on “The Power of God’s Word Released.” The word was well received.
Team members were Min. Mary Boddie, Frank Gross, and Dr. Estelle Cyrus.
Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Nazarene

Grace Pointe.jpgThere are over 100 churches represented at Leadership Advance and Dr. Cyrus usually speaks every year.  This year the workshop title was “Prayers that Touch the Heart of God.”
Faith Church of the Nazarene (Sanborn, New York)
Rev. Wayne Hokanson and wife Tammy have been friends with Estelle for years. It was a privilege to serve as the speaker for their Women’s Retreat on “Victorious Praying.” Several churches in the area were represented through member attendance.
Move to the States: Estelle and her daughter Amaris moved to the States in August so Amaris could attend college. Amaris has adjusted well to college, while Estelle is still unpacking boxes, rearranging things, and preparing the home for a larger family.  She is doing this with joy.

International Ministry
The International Gospel Centre, located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, is the church Estelle and Dereck were both members and served in ministry.
In February, Estelle taught a two-part session Wednesday nights on “The Power of God’s Word”. In April the topic was “The Wisdom of God’s Love.” And in July, Estelle delivered the Sunday morning message “Giving Glory to God.”
Dr. Estelle Cyrus was so thankful that Pastor Mark Emmerson opened up the doors of ministry to serve and that the congregation was so responsive to her ministry.
Mali, West Africa
This was the second time Estelle served in Mali.  She was there 20 years ago and was able to renew friendships during this trip, such as Estelle’s 30-year friendship with Missionary to West Africa, Jennifer Bowers.

The Bowers treated the team to ice cream just before leaving Mali.  From left to right are Jennifer, Estelle, Catherine Myers (the team’s intercessor), Bernice Coles (the praise and worship leader) and Min. Marilyn Adamson, who shared the teaching and preaching ministry with Dr. Cyrus.
The team ministered at the Missionary Women’s Retreat. However, the ministry started before they left the States. We were asked to take supplies that the missionaries were unable to obtain in Mali.  The team carried four extra suitcases. We flew from DC to New York on Delta. The unexpected expense was $400 for the extra bags.  There were no extra charges on their flights to Mali. After seeing the appreciation on the faces of the missionaries, it was well worth the expense.
Sunday ended with communion and Estelle’s message “Intimacy with God Brings Revelation.”

The next day, the team headed for Kayes, a 9½ hour trip. Rev. Jim Bowers did most of the driving. However, Bernice Coles gave him a break by assisting with driving.

Arriving in Kayes, we were greeted by a wonderful dinner, prepared by one of the missionaries. This was the type of love the team received throughout the entire trip.
We had opportunity to minister to the ladies in Kayes and lift up their prayer requests, which was special for all of us.

This was the first time Dr. Cyrus’ words were translated into two different languages. Jennifer translated from English to French and Levi translated from French to Bambara.
All and all we thank God for a blessed year of ministry. We do not work alone. Our trustees are a great help and source of encouragement. We thank God for all the individuals that assist in this ministry.
We trust you will be able to help us in our debt reduction, so we can start the New Year without any debt.  THANK YOU!